Kat’s lovely artwork

Assumed to be titled, “Best Sunday Dress”, created by Kat (198?). The lyrics to “Lashes”, from Spanking Machine are filled in Kat’s famous self-written font.

If you have any information on this artwork, please feel free to send it in! Thanks.

[credit: Nathan James, Flickr]

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New York City

"People pay to see others believe in themselves."

We’re glad you were born into this world, Kim Gordon.

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"The Grand Budapest, a picturesque, elaborate, and once widely celebrated establishment. I expect some of you will know it."

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

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death valley pt. 2 // january

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Babes In Toyland Article, ROCK & TROLL BABES (1994/5?)

Some cool parts of the interview:

“People look at every move we make as a consciously feminist thing— as making a political statement. They just read way too much into it because we’re women.”
— Maureen

On band splitting rumors,

“Did anyone cry? Four to five months ago, we took a break to do little projects on our own,” Which would be Kat forming Crunt with then husband, Stu Spasm and Lori starting an indie label called Spanish Fly. “It doesn’t matter, we’re together now.”

Kat on remastering songs “Quiet Room” and “He’s My Thing”:
“We don’t always do that. You know why we do it? Because we’re not talented enough to write new songs. Is that what you want to hear? I won’t do it any more though, because I hate that people keep asking about it. Jeez!”

Their music,

“Some attribute the emotional extremes of Babes In Toyland songs to serious drug abuse. Some others look at Kat Bjelland’s unhappy relationship with her stepmother documented on the harrowing “To Mother” which documents childhood innocence soiled and defiled into a perverted parody of itself. But maybe it’s just her reoccurring stomach ulcer, a picture of which hangs on her kitchen fridge, which give these songs their weeping sore rawness.

Kat thinks “walking around with hate in my stomach” caused the ulcer…”

And Lori, pooping and music,

“I have a hard time going to the bathroom. I can go months at a time without, err… it could be psychological but, I think it’s physical too.
I think our music is probably pretty much like our personalities. Really aggressive and constipated? Sure! We have a lot of stops in our songs.”

— Lori

Kat also agrees with the fact that her style isn’t to feed male fantasies nor promote feminism. It’s just her style and her taking a role as a musician, as the female she is, without wanting the stigma.

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she is SIXTEEN

she also got shot in the HEAD and LIVED

She is amazing person because she was almost killed and still continues to speak out and believe in herself and that what shes doing is right.

i love Malala so much. 

she should be made into a saint

I second that

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kathleen hanna <3

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"I already knew I was gonna be an artist, I just didn’t know what kind. I used to do musical theatre and dance and stuff when I was younger. One time I did this song and dance thing and everybody was like, ‘yay, yay, yay’. We were in the car driving back to our house and my dad goes, ‘we should all go out and get ice cream…’ and I was all happy because I made my dad proud. And then he goes, ‘…because anyone who can make such a fool of themselves, in front of so many people, deserves an ice cream.’"

- Kathleen Hanna, The Punk Singer, 2013

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